First 6 months of this site: 14.001 visits


This by DJ Appelmoes made internetsite is on air since 23 Augustus 2007, so already 6 months now. In this first halfyear we had 14.001 visits by 7566 different visitors that watched 38.216 pages. We thank the internetsite to link 8526 visits, while 2063 times someone visited us directly and 1374 after searching on google. People from Italy visited our site 10.679 times, while Holland is on the second place with 1442. Third and fourth are Sweden (369) and United Kingdom (241) just before Norway and the United States with 237 and 190 visits. The city with the most visits is, of course, Genova with 3818, while Milano is on the second place with 3262. Amsterdam and Rome are on the third and fourth place. Thanks all and keep reading this internetsite !! 

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