Genoa lost against 12 players of Roma: 3-2

Gentleman Gian Piero Gasperini asks justice of referee Banti

The openingmatch of the 32nd playround of Serie A between A.S. Roma and Genoa had many different faces. In the first 20 minutes Roma was the boss in the field and Genoa played very nervous which lead to a 2-0 score by goals of Taddei (error of Rubinho) and Vucinic (fantastic goal, but Bovo touched the ball ?!). After the 2-0 Roma thought the match was over and they wanted to freeze it thinking about Manchester United next Wednesday. Genoa got stronger minute by minute, but the score at halftime rested 2-0.

Marco Rossi scores the first Genoa-goal against A.S. Roma

In the second half Genoa was the best team in the field. In the 58th minute Borriello’s softly shot was blocked by goalkeeper Doni, but towards Marco Rossi who scored his second goal this week: 2-1. Only 1 minute later substitute Leon (he came in the field to substitute heavy injured Danilo) scored with a fantastic shot from a few meters outside the penaltyarea the 2-2 equalizer.

Leon scores the 2-2 equalizer with a great shot

Of course A.S. Roma was not happy with this goal and they tried to come back in the match again, but Genoa remained the best team in the field till referee Banti started to help the Romanisti. Even the Dutch tv-commentator in the stadium couldn’t understand the decisions of these referee from Livorno. In the 80th minute Marco Borriello made a stupide foul on Taddei in the penaltyarea and gave referee Banti the chance to give his Roma a penalty, which De Rossi scored: 3-2. This was too much; very sportive gentleman Genoa-trainer Gian Piero Gasperini could not control himself anymore and was send away with a red card which says more about referee Banti than Mr. Gasperini ……

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