Italian authorities charge Genoa again

Enrico Preziosi in front of the Palace of Justice (??)

It never stops, the hunt on Genoa and president Enrico Preziosi. Because Preziosi is banned out of football for 5 years after Genoa-Venezia and he was in 2007 involved with the transfers of Criscito (Genoa-Juventus-Genoa), Konko (Juventus-Siena-Genoa) and Renzetti (Genoa-Lucchese) they want to punish Genoa and Preziosi once again. Nobody knows the exact risk of Preziosi and Genoa but Italy wouldn’t be Italy if everybody does not talk (only) about the most worse scenario: Genoa loses every match in which Criscito and/or Konko played by 0-3. This should be impossible because Lega Calcio agreed with the transfers and the transferdocuments and gave the players permission to play and banned them after yellow and red cards. All of this should also mean that besides Genoa even Siena and Juventus will be punished because both players also played for these 2 teams the last year !! Will be continued …

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