Derby-fever 3 long days before the kick-off

Satellitesportscafé at the Leidseplein (next to Bulldog) in the city-centre of Amsterdam

To most of the Genoa-fans it feels like this week will never end. Everybody is counting the days till the derby finally starts. The tickets to the derby are sold out and the club does not except public during the training these days. We read in the newspapers that Modesto is back in the team and ready to play, but on the other hand Gasbarroni got injured yesterday in the friendly match and probably he can not play Sunday. We also read that Genoa wants to play in the traditional red and blue outfit in stead of the white away-shirts, but the referee has to decide this one hour before the match starts.

Genoa-fans that are in the Amsterdam-area next Sunday can watch the match in the Satellitesportscafé ( on the Leidseplein in the city-centre of the Capital of Holland.

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