10 Genoani only lose after extra time: 3-1

Marco Rossi celebrates his fantastic goal against Inter

Everybody thought in the 19th minute when Biava received a red card and Inter got an undeserved penalty after the fall of Adriano outside the penaltyarea that the match was over. But Alessio Scarpi stopped the penalty and the 10 Genoani fought like lions to stop the offensive actions of Inter. In the 75th minute Adriano scored the opening goal and again the match seemed over, but Marco Rossi scored with a fantastic shot the 1-1 equalizer only 4 minutes later, which was also the score after the regular 90 minutes.

Alessio Scarpi played a fantastic match against Inter

In the extra 30 minutes it was Zlatan Ibrahimovic who decided the match with an assist and a goal: 3-1, but what should be the result if referee Gava whistled an honest match and send also Muntari off the field when he deserved it…..

[youtube 2cjlRvpn6wk]

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