Birthday wishes of President Enrico Preziosi

Enrico Preziosi is born 18th February 1948 in Avellino

Today our loved President Enrico Preziosi celebrates his 61st birthday. In April 2003 the Joker (nickname of Preziosi) bought Genoa C.F.C. of Luigi Dalla Costa just before the club would be bankrupt like Dalla Costa himself. For saving Genoa we already honoured Enrico as Genoa Club Amsterdam Genoano of the season 2002-2003. Since the match Genoa-Venezia in June 2005 Mr. Preziosi is officialy banned out of football for 10 years, but in fact he still is our President who takes care of the return of Genoa to the top.

Yesterday Enrico Presiozi organized a big press-conference to tell his story about the dramandous accident with Gabriele Amato after Genoa-Fiorentina. Before the accident happened Preziosi asked many supporters to leave the exit of the Stadium and most of them listened. In the future our President wants a better behaviour of our players and supporters versus the opponent and he wants more Genoa-attention of the press. The fact that 2 Genoa-supporters were wounded by knives of Roma-fans also has to be in the newspapers who always save the big clubs in and outside the field. Mr. Preziosi also told that he’s sure that referees like Rocchi (Roma-Genoa) and Rizzoli (Genoa-Fiorentina) make errors because everybody makes mistakes and not because they want to help the big teams or want to punish the “little” Genoa. At the moment Preziosi mentions that referees disadvantage Genoa or that Genoa supporters get violent he immediately stops with our club. We all know what this will mean to Genoa and our fantastic Serie-A team. Happy birthday Enrico, we hope to stay together for many, many years !

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