Derby: stadium sold out, except visitors-area

The last derby was decided by Diego Milito who beat his rival Antonio Ca$$ano

The derby Sunday-evening at 20.30 hours is completely sold out to Genoa-supporters. Only 1500 Sampdoria-fans still have the opportunity to watch the game in the visitors-sector. Just as last year the Sampdoria-fans can be the reason that the homederby of Genoa is not sold out, while the visitors-area is every time the first completely sold out sector if Sampdoria plays at home. No doubt which team has the best and the most supporters !

Mr. Gasperini can play the derby with an almost complete selection. Only 2nd goalkeeper Alessio Scarpi is injured, all the other players are ready to beat Sampdoria the second time this season. Forza Genoa !

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