Palermo-Genoa 0-0; Both keepers best in field

[youtube nWNpUeqp5Qo]

Last summer Palermo and Genoa changed their goalkeepers: Amelia and Rubinho. Yesterdaynight none of the two played in the match between the 2 teams. With Genoa experienced goalkeeper since January 2004 Alessio Scarpi defend the goal like he does a few times every season when the usual goalkeeper is injured. The last years Scarpi was a fantastic substitute, so we all hoped that also yesterday would be one of those days. And our hope came true, Alessio Scarpi was unbeatable against Palermo. Only Cavani could beat him with his hand in the 2nd minute, but the striker of Palermo received a yellow card of referee Brighi and Scarpi a free-kick. Offensively Palermo was the best in the first 40 minutes, Genoa in the last 50 minutes. Both teams were a few times close to a goal, but a draw was certainly the most honest result. Genoa is now on the shared 6th position in the standings with 17 points in 11 matches.

Alessio Scarpi played a fantastic match against Inter

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