Genoa beaten by A.S. Roma: 2-1 (Rudolf)

Brighi, Criscito and Rossi touched the ball that ended in the goal of Genoa (2-0)

Just as the last weeks Genoa played a good match, but again we had no points at the end. Because Veloso and Rafinha could not start in Rome our captain Marco Rossi returned in the line-up. Ten minutes before halftime our ex-goalscorer Marco Borriello opened the score to react first after a cross of Totti was touched by Mimmo Criscito: 1-0. At the beginning of the second half Matteo Brighi scored together with Criscito and Rossi a goal that is impossible to score: 2-0. From this moment there was only 1 team in the field: Genoa! Substitute Rudolf first hit the crossbar and 11 minutes before the end scored 2-1, while Luca Toni deserved a penalty when Burdisso took his shirt with 2 hands to stop a header of Toni. Referee Damato closed his eyes and only gave Genoa 5 minutes injurytime but at the end A.S. Roma was the winner: 2-1.

Luca Toni back in Rome against his former team: A.S. Roma

Next Wednesday at 18.00 Genoa plays in Coppa Italia in Luigi Ferraris against Grosseto (Serie B). Saturday some members of Genoa Club Amsterdam fly to Italy to play the calcetto-tournament: United in the name of Genoa and to support Genoa against Catania.

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