Thanks Mr. Gasperini, great human + coach !

our Genoano of the year is loved by everyone with his Dutch football-mind

Today our presdient Mr. Preziosi has fired our loved coach since the summer of 2006: Gian Piero Gasperini. The defeat in Palermo (1-0) and especially the first half in which the team played without passion and agression leaded mr. Preziosi to this hard decision. Gasperson will always be rembered as the coach that brought us in Serie A in 2007, let us play in Europa League after 17 years and who did win 3 derbies in a row. Only a few months ago Gasp was wanted by almost all topteams in Italy, now he is substituted by Davide Ballardini, the experienced ex-coach of teams like Palermo and Lazio.

In 2 days Genoa plays in Luigi Ferraris against Bologna, which has just like us 11 points in 10 matches. Everybody knows that we have to win this match to avoid a revolution.

[youtube tKIfs-X7xbs]

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