Fiorentina-Genoa (again) 1-0; Inter arrives

The Genoa-players thank the supporters who came to Florence to support the team

For the third time in 5 years Genoa lost 1-0 in Florence after a boring match. All these 3 matches Genoa deserved a draw at the end, but we did not succeed to score. Also yesterday the match was especially in the first half not very attractive. After the break Genoa was the best team in the field, but Palacio, Jorquera and Constant missed the 3 biggest chances to score. Next Sunday at lunchtime (12.30 hours) Inter arrives in Marassi with only 8 points, while Genoa has 12 points. Genoa Club Amsterdam will be there with 7 Dutch Genoani to watch the match and to bring the trophy to our Genoano of the year !

Genoa supporters decided to help the people of Monterosso after the flood on Wednesday 26th October in stead of watching the match in Florence

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