Genoa – Inter posponed because of flood

Via XX Settembre, the biggest shoppingstreet in Genova this afternoon

The flood in Genova killed 6 people, all women and children. Of course the match Genoa-Inter was cancelled but the 7 members of Genoa Club Amsterdam already had booked the flight to Malpensa months before, so we decided to fly tot Italy and stay in Milano. We also wanted to visit our member of honour Luca Carini and his wife Federica because of the birth of little Olivia, but the authorities closed the complete city of Genova. Olivia has to wait for her presents from Holland till the beginning of February as we return to see her and Genoa-Lazio. We hope that in February also the people of Genova that live in the Marassi-district can think again about football.

The flood took all the cars with it and dropped them all together

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