Serie A on fire; Lo Monaco our fireman

Pietro lo Monaco our general director with Enrico Preziosi

While our former playmaker Omar Milanetto and Lazio-captain Mauri are in prison because of an investigation of matchfixing, Mimmo Criscito is moved out of the Italian National team for the same reason, Italian goalkeeper Buffon bet for € 1,5 million on football-matches which is forbidden for professional football-players and Giuseppe Sculli is on the frontpage of every newspaper these days as friend of the Ultras, our President Enrico Preziosi decided to take a step back and to hire Pietro lo Monaco as general director of Genoa. Of course Preziosi as owner of the club stays President, but the next period he won’t be in the stadium and want to be more on the background then before. Lo Monaco is a very experienced football-manager who worked with Udinese and the last years in Catania. He promised the fans a very strong team for next season and wants to keep the best players of last year.

Criscito, Rossi and Milanetto under Gradinata Nord after the goal of Boselli in the last minute of the derby

Pietro lo Monaco also told the press that Gigi de Canio who saved us in Serie A the last 5 matches after the horrible match against Siena stays as coach of Genoa. Genoa starts the new season on Thursday 5th July and the team goes to Bormio in North Italy from 8 till 28 July to prepare for the new season in Serie A that starts on Saturday 25th August.

Gigi de Canio is also our trainer in the season 2012/2013

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