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J. Callahan starts his dissertation, ” Tolkien, Beowulf, and the Barrow-Wights,” by outlining the Lord of the Bands. He then is targeted on the bout of the -wight and demands the query if this scene was incorporated by Tolkien for piece development or relaxing functions. Callahan seems that this arena is comparable to slaying of the barrow- monster, and applications to utilize this parallel being an analytical tool to remedy his problem. Callahan claims that Tolkien uses the knowledge -wight inside the Lord of the Bands to show Frodos kindness in a manner of Beowulf like brave selfsacrifice. His debate is started by Callahan by evaluating and describing the barrows – the hoarded value the struggles and also monster are defending. This works specifically properly as it allows the viewer where the next actions will happen to visualize; moreover, the settings are not therefore amazingly dissimilar that the audience can think of one cursed and one barrow hoard to make use of for both encounters.

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The enemies are then described by Callahan as symbolic embodiments of the curse about the value they therefore wish and as lasting. In case a opposition never appears to reclaim the rewards, this notion makes sense thematically, however, basically, it’s doubtful the monster can endure until time’s end. Consequently, Callahan exposes a “unique” variation between these creatures; he claims that the “ScholarshipEssay” dragon battles crooks off, whereas the wight lures in them to “leader their bodies. ” This distinction doesn’t assist point; as it reveals a variation within the monsters, that could indicate a difference in circumstance between Beowulf encounters, he doesn’t need to incorporate these details. Callahan statements that even though both Frodo and Beowulf didn’t actually vanquish the creatures, the glory remains theirs due to the bravery and easily concentrates back again to his matter. This is useful, except Callahan establishes to expound being a supplementary personality within the text upon Tom Bombadils function. This makes it look like Callahan is currently straying far from his topic. By conveying that ultimately the curse is put from both barrows by the circulation of the success however, he brings himself. This final little bit of proof is not nasty since the encounter posseses an ending; Callahan brings the audience to your determined finishing level and gives an outlined finish to the controversy.

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In conclusion ends by suggesting the audience of the key points and addressing the “so what” issue: the Master of the Bands shows the Beowulf like “Christianized soldier” through self sacrificing ethical action to decide to accomplish good, and to possess the bravery to do this. Article: Callahan J. ” Tolkien, Beowulf, along with the Barrow -Wights. ” Vol, Notre Dame Diary. 7, No. 2 (Springtime, 1972), pp. 4-13. Notre Dame’s University.

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