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To celebrate the return of Genoa in Serie A in June 2007 Luca and Hans wanted to start a yearly football-tournament between teams from Holland and Italy. The yearly happening (next version: May 2015) has become much more than only a calcetto-tournament: at night we always have a good dinner with all the players of the tournament in a great restaurant and the next day we visit all together a homematch of Genoa. The whole weekend we are all: United in the name of Genoa!


VI edition: Saturday 19th October 2013; Genova, Albaro

le stelle

winners: Gelateria le Stelle in final against I Lama dei Distinti 3-2 (after extra time)

Genua Club A'dam op toernooi oktober 2013  foto paul met beker  Flying Doctors tijdens toernooi oktober 2013 112

GIR tegen Verdeal toernooi oktober 2013 116  Nederlandse teams tijdens Genua toernooi oktober 2013 109  Lama tegen Assente oktober 2013 115

Alberto Gilardino scores 1-0  The Dutch players in Marassi  Gilardino scores also 2-1


V edition: Saturday 21st April 2012; Genova, Albaro

The finalist of Allunamanin and Gelateria le Stelle

winners: Allunamanin in final against Gelateria le Stelle (Olanda) 4-1

The Flying Doctors also this year arrived fresh in Italy, they don’t get older !!  Playing close to the blue Mediterrian Sea, a dream for all in North Europe  Gelateria le Stelle again lost the final against Allunamanin

The young Italian talents against Vecchi orsi of Holland  Organiser Luca Carini (many thanks !!) shows everybody that Genoa is belin !  The team of Genoa Club Amsterdam is still happy with the victory in October 2010 


IV edition: Saturday 21st May 2011; Naarden, Olanda

The winning team of the Grifoni of Piazza Manin

winners: Allunamanin in final against Gelateria le Stelle (Olanda) 2-2 (A wins by penalties)

Flying doctors who celebrated their 30th anniversary handover the big trophy to Piergiorgio  Unless the fact the Genoani beat the Dutch by penalties the boys still be good friends  Piergiorgio and Ferry the captains of the finalists of IV United in the name of Genoa


III edition: Saturday 23rd October 2010; Genova, Albaro

Genoa Club Amsterdam celebrates with the trophy on the stairs of Nouvelle Vague

winners: Genoa Club Amsterdam in final against Grifoni in Rete 3-2

Luca Carini hands over the trophy  Squadro Assente  Grifoni Cromati

The teams of Genoa Club Amsterdam and Flying Doctors after their semi-final  Leo, capitain Beppe of finalist Grifoni in Rete and Luca  Marco Rossi celebrates his goal against Catania in front of the little flag of Genoa Club Amsterdam


II edition: Saturday 16th May 2009; Genova, Albaro

The 2nd edition of United in the name of Genoa with Mimmo Criscito

winners: All Blacks (Toscany) in final against Grifoni in Rete

 Luca and Eugenio, 2 big friends who perfectly organized the tournament  All Blacks are this year the proud winners and returned to Toscany with the trophy  Mario and Eugenio took care of the music in Nouvelle Vague 

The team of Only You with father and son Epifani  Luca teaches Mimmo the rules of football  the team of Castelletto with Mimmo Criscito

Luca gives the trophy of most experienced player to Cees de Boer(72 years)  Genoa Club Amsterdam 1  Genoa Club Amsterdam 2


I edition: Saturday 26th April 2008; Genova, Centro Storico (near lighthouse)

all players and referee Piero of 1st edition of “United in the name of Genoa”

winners: Grifoni Cromati in the final against All Blacks (Toscany) 3-2

Genoa Club Amsterdam (supported by BFC)  Piero “Collina” the best devil in the field  Noi di Sampierdarena - Castelletto 

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