Various news


  • Genoa did win the Tropheo Spagnolo the yearly match to remember Vincenzo Claudio Spagnolo. After 90 minutes the score in the match Genoa-Torino was 4-4 by goals of Papa Waigo (1-0), Borriello (2-0), Konko (3-0) and Sculli (4-4). All 4 players of Genoa scored at the shoot-outs: Rimoldi, Masiello, Leon and Danilo.
  • Genoa lost against Ascoli in the second round of Coppa Italia. After 90 minutes the score was 2-2 by goals of Di Vaio and Papa Waigo. In the extra 30 minutes Centi scored the winning 3-2 goal for the team of Ascoli that relegated from Serie A to Serie B this year.
  • Genoa is still on the lead in the first derby: the number of season-tickets. Unless the arrival of Montella and Cassano the other team of Genova sold till 20th August only 17.300 season-tickets while the Rossoblu team already sold 19.300 abbonamenti.
  • Genoa bought their nineth new player: defender Gleison Pinto dos Santos of Albinoleffe. The Brasilian player is born on 18th August 1981 and is 1.89 meters. Because of the many goals against Genoa in the last 3 matches: Torino (4-4), Grosseto (2-1) and Ascoli (3-2) their are a lot of rumours about an extra experienced defender.
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