Genoa-fans get only 11.246 tickets

Gradinata Nord

Sampdoria football-club has decided that Genoa-fans only can visit the derby next week at Gradinata Nord (9.167 seats) and the sector for the visiting-fans of Sampdoria (2.079 seats) which means that Genoa only gets 11.246 of the 36.541 tickets (30,78%). The cold war has started and a lot of Genoa-fans should try to buy a ticket on Distinti and Tribuna which are ment to be totally Sampdoria-sectors. Because only half of these sectors are filled with seasonticket-holders of Sampdoria, the other half is, starting friday, on sale for Sampdoria-supporters without a season-ticket. Many Genoani should try to be a Sampdoria-supporter for only 5 minutes next friday, only at the moment they buy the ticket !!

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