Juventus-Genoa live on tv in Holland

For the first time in more than 12 years it is possible in Holland to watch a match of Genoa live on your tv. The last match was the horrible match Genoa-Padova on Raiuno in 1995 in Firenze, but this time you can watch it on Sport 1, the Dutch sportschannel. After 12 years we are really back at the top !!

Buffon Rossoblu  Buffon

Buffon as we like him the most: or in Rossoblu or beaten by one of our players … 

Mr. Gasperini surely misses Dos Santos and Paro next Sunday and probably the match comes to early for Figueroa, who is not in 100% physical condition yet. Genoa will have the support of 2400 fans in the cold Stadio Olimpico with an expected temparature around 0 degrees during the match. Let’s hope our Rossoblu-boys keep us warm.

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