Not Edgar Davids, but Thiago Motta arrived

from left to right: Bosko Jankovic, Enrico Preziosi and Thiago Motta

Today Genoa presented the last new arrivals: midfielders Bosko Jankovic of Palermo and Thiago Motta of Atletico Madrid. Jankovic was already bought at the 1st September, the last day of the transfer-season. Brazilian midfield-player Thiago Motta ended his contract this summer with Atletico Madrid and signed last Sunday just before Genoa-Milan his 4 years contract. The 26 years old Motta played 5 years and 38 Champions league matches with F.C. Barcelona. Because of a heavy knee-injury he left Barcelona last year to Atletico Madrid, but in the capital of Spain he played because of his injury only 8 matches. A detailed medical test in Milano told Genoa that Motta is completely healthy now, so within a month he must be ready to play his first match in our red and blue shirt.

Thiago Motta in the shirt of F.C. Barcelona    

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