Genoa nr 1 in Serie A after beating Napoli: 4-1

Giandomenico Mesto is happy after his first goal with Genoa

Good times are back ! After the 4-1 victory against Napoli now our red and blue team is nr. 1 in the standings of Serie A, 39 months after we lost the first play-off match against Salernitana in Serie C-1. Genoa now has 9 points just like Juventus and Sampdoria, which makes Genova the football-capital of Italy just as 17 years ago in 1992.

The match against Napoli was not as easy as the final-result of 4-1 looks like. After 27 minutes in which Genoa was the strongest team in the field Mimmo Cricito got a irregular red card of referee Tagliavento because he screamed vaffanculo, but he screamed it towards ex-Sampdoria player Maggio not against Tagliavento. Exactly 15 minutes later Hamsik scored a fantastic goal to Napoli and the match seemed over with 10 players against 11. But we have Giuseppe Sculli, a player who knows how to act if a referee is under high pressure. After ex-Sampdoria player Campagnaro already earned a red, but received a yellow, card because of his kick in the face of our goalkeeper Amelia, in the 49th minute Sculli ran with him towards the goal of Napoli. At the moment Sculli finaly was in front of Campagnaro he fell down and the referee gave Genoa an undeserved penalty and Campagnaro an irregular, just as Criscito, red card. In the 51st minute Floccari realized the penalty (1-1) and both teams returned in the dressingroom with 10 players.

In the 2nd half there was only 1 team that played football: Genoa. In the 55th minute goalkeeper Amelia played the ball over 60 meters towards Mesto on the leftside who dribbled a few meters and shot the ball incredibly fast in the right-corner: 2-1. Fourteen minutes later substitute Palacio passed the ball at the right moment to the other substitute Crespo who showed that he still is a cool striker: 3-1. In the 87th minute third substitute Kharja scored the 4th goal by penalty after Palacio was stopped by Aronica at the moment he wanted to score. Game over, Genoa back at the top !

[youtube cOxVk0cvL3c] 

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