Siena-Genoa 0-0; Mimmo + Marco honoured

3500 Genoa-fans including many children went to Siena

The wetter, the friendship between the fans of both teams and the whole atmosphere was fantastic to a great match in Toscany last Sunday. Unfortunately the goalkeepers Curci and Ameli were the best players in the field and unbeatable. Genoani Marco Rossi and Raffaele Palladino and striker Ghezzal of Siena almost scored, but the 0-0 stayed till the end on the scoreboard. Both teams were not very pleased with the draw.


[youtube 0l-UN9fJPDw]

Before the match the members of Genoa Club Amsterdam had a warm welcome by Press-officer Dino Storace of Genoa in the players-hotel in Montereggioni. As Genoa Club Amsterdam Genoano of the season 2008-2009 our members voted midfielder Mimmo Criscito, who played 3 years ago with Genoa in Serie B and now is a line-up player in the Italian National team, unless his young age of only 23. Mimmo was very pleased with the trophy which is clear on the foto: 

Mimmo Criscito Genoa Club Amsterdam Genoano of the Year 2008-2009

For the first time we also voted for the Genoano of the decennium. Of course our coach Mr. Gasperini (Genoano of the Year 2006-2007) and Mr. Enrico Preziosi (Genoano of the Year 2002-2003) were very important the last decade but we chose our Captain who plays with Genoa since July 2003 and wants to stay with us till the end of his career: Marco Rossi, already our Genoano of the year 2004-2005. Also Marco Rossi was very happy with his trophy with the 3 crosses of Amsterdam:

Marco Rossi with his trophy as Genoano of the decennium: 2000-2010  

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