Genoa supermarket to big 3: Milan, Inter, Juve

Diego Milito celebrates his first goal in Champions League final against Bayern

Genoa is more and more the club who sells young talented players to the big 3 in Italy: Milan, Inter and Juventus. President Preziosi has become a great friend of the topteams, but sometimes he has to take care that Genoa is not only a footballschool which loses the players at the moment they become mature. The last 2 years we sold the following team:

 Amelia (Milan)

      Sokratis (Milan)                         Ranocchia (Inter)                  Bonucci (Juventus)

 Boateng (Milan)             Thiago Motta (Inter)         Kharja (Inter)        El Shaarawy (Milan)

            Paloschi (Milan)                    Milito (Inter)                 Toni (Juventus)

The sold team also has a trainer:       Gasperini (from 2006 till 2010 4 years with Genoa, now Inter)

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