Season over, but transferperiod starts

Konko, new born star in the hands of Gasperini (foto Genoa C.F.C.)

For a lot of people the transferperiod is just as interesting as the football itselves. Especially in Italy there is always a lot of news about transfers and not more than 5% of the news is really true, but which 5% ? With Genoa Marco Borriello and Abdoulay Konko have a lot of interest from other (big) clubs, so it will be very difficult to keep these players in Genova. On the other hand Mr. Preziosi and Mr. Gasperini promised the Genoa-fans a more better team then last year.

Domenico Criscito in the shirt he loves the most

Just like every team in Italy also Genoa has a lot of players which are only for 50% owned by the club. Before 6th of June the clubs that own the players has to make a deal about the player. Some clubs already fixed the price of the player at the moment they sold 50%, for instance with Criscito the price of the 50% of Juventus is € 6,5 million which Genoa has to pay if they want to keep the young talented defender. With other players there is no amount in the contract and the clubs have to talk about the price of the other half. For instance 50% of Marco Borriello was bought by Genoa last summer when Preziosi payed  € 2 million to A.C. Milan. Now being an Italian national player and 19 goals in Serie A later the value of Marco Borriello is raised till around € 20 million, which means that if you want to have Marco Borriello completely you have to pay around € 10 million to the other owner. Probably Genoa finds this too much, so Borriello goes back to A.C. Milan that pays Genoa the large sum of money to have the other 50% of Super Marco. In that case Mr. Preziosi made a benefit of € 8 million in 1 year which he can use to buy new players or for instance to pay Juventus to have the other 50% of Criscito and Paro.

Matteo Paro with Clarence Seedorf

Genoa owns a lot of players for only 50%: Criscito, Bovo, Santos, Paro, VandenBorre and Borriello that played with them last year and Coppola (Siena), Forestieri (Siena), Papa Waigo (Fiorentina) and Masiello (Bari) who played with the other teams. Before the 6th of June there must be a deal between the 2 clubs and if they don’t find a solution both teams have to write down the price they want to pay to have the other 50% in an enveloppe which they have to give to the Football Association that opens them and the team who wrote down the highest price has to pay that price to the other team.   

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