Derby almost sold out to 11.246 Genoa-fans

Gradinata Nord, colorfull as ever

Unless the fact that it still takes 17 days and 2 matches before the derby will be played, the fever already has started! Monday-afternoon began the selling to the “visiting” seasonticketholders of Genoa, because on the 7th December we play an away-game in our own stadium in which Sampdoria is every 2 weeks our temporary guest since 1946.

Because both teams together sold almost 43.000 season-tickets it is not possible to give entrance to all yearcards. Genoa-supporters only can visit the match in Gradinata Nord (9.167 seats) and the visitors-sector of Sampdoria besides Gradinata Nord with 2.079 seats. Unless the fact Sampdoria sold 2.818 season-tickets less they have the same number of tickets in May during our homederby, which they couldn’t even sell all last year. For the match in 17 days there are 5.257 single tickets which can be bought by Sampdoria-supporters without a season-ticket in the Sampdoria-shop. Many Genoani surely will act to be a Sampdoria-supporter for only 5 minutes the next days, only at the moment they buy the ticket to see another home-victory of the Gasperini-boys !!

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