derby-fever (2): Samp-fans don’t want Farina

referee Farina, born in Genova, now living in Novi Ligure

This morning the boss of the referees: Collina published the names of the referees for this weekend. The derby of Genova will be lead by the very experienced international referee Farina. The arbiter is born in Genova and lives now a little north in Novi Ligure. A few months ago Sampdoria player Cassano said that the players of Genoa have a white face of fear if they play against Sampdoria. It looks like he was wrong and mentioned his own supporters because Sampdoria supportersclubs this afternoon heavily protested against the choice of Farina. The referee should be a Genoa-supporter, which is usual if you are born in Genova, so we don’t see the problem. 

In the meanwhile it is almost sure that Genoa misses besides Matteo Paro also Giandomenico Mesto and Andrea Gasbarroni in the derby. Both are probably not healthy enough Sunday to play such an important match. Francesco Modesto is completely ready.

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