2nd edition: United in the name of Genoa

all players and referee Piero of 1st edition of “United in the name of Genoa”

Saturday-afternoon the 2nd edition of United in the name of Genoa takes place at the calcetto-fields in Via Campanella in the Albaro area in Genova. The 2 teams from Amsterdam leave Friday from Holland to Nice (France) and arrive in the late afternoon in Genova after visiting Genoa’s trainingfield Gianluca Signorini. Mimmo Criscito shows up Saturday-evening around 19.00 hours at the calcetto-tournament to hand over the trophies to the winners and Sunday we all watch Genoa-Chievo in Distinti to see the return of Genoa in Europe after the last match at 15th April 1992 in Amsterdam.

Domenico (Mimmo) Criscito after his goal against Palermo

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