Genoa lost in Juventus Stadium: 2-0

 Matia Perin saves again

Last week  against Chievo Alberto Gilardino was our best player with 2 goals. In Juventus Stadium our best player surely was goalkeeper Mattia Perin. Our 20 years young goalkeeper saved us many times and kept the score at halftime at only 2-0. Juventus deserved the advantage, that is clear but they needed their yearly false penalty to open the score. Carlos Tevez was fouled outside the penaltyarea by Biondini, but the referee whistled for a penalty that was realized by Vidal. The second goal of Tevez was a real goal, so the score at halftime was 2-0. In the first 15 minutes of the 2nd half Juventus tried to score again a few times, but also after the break Mattia Perin was almost unbeatable. In the last minute also we had our only chance, but Fetfatzidis headed it over the goal of Buffon. Next Wednesday we play in Marassi against Parma that beat Milan today by 3-2. Let’s hope the “cheeseboys” are still drunk Wednesday at 20.45 hours. 

 Juventus' Vidal jumps for ball with Genoa's Manfredini during Serie A soccer match in Turin

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