Mesto is back in the team against Lazio

our trainer Gian Piero Gasperini in front of Gradinata Nord

Our midfieldplayer with the lunghs of a horse, Giandomenico Mesto, is back in the team after his injury. Together with 19 other players he is selected by Mr. Gasperini and his staff to play against Lazio in Stadio Olimpico. Genoa will be supported by over 1000 supporters that make the trip of 505 kilometers towards the Capital of Italy. Last year Genoa beat Lazio by 1-2 with 2 goals (header and penalty) of Marco Borriello.

The 20 players of Mr. Gasperini:

Goalkeepers: Rubinho, Scarpi

Defenders: Biava, Bocchetti, Criscito, Ferrari, Potenza, Sokratis 

Midfielders: Brivio, Juric, Mesto, Roman, Rossi, Thiago Motta, Vanden Borre

Strikers: Gasbarroni, Milito, Olivera, Palladino, Sculli

Genoa misses the usual injured trio: Milanetto, Modesto and Paro, while Jankovic is not selected. Six players have to be carefull tomorrow because their next yellow card means a punishment: Biava, Bocchetti, Criscito, Juric, Rossi and Thiago Motta.

players thank the Genoani in Olimpico after the victory against Lazio

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