Sebastien Frey (Viola) new goalkeeper Genoa

Sebastien Frey

Since the end of last season, especially after the derby, the rumors about the end of Eduardo as goalkeeper of Genoa went on and on. Since Eduardo was rent to Benfica we had to wait for our new goalkeeper. Mr. Malesani wanted Emiliano Viviano his goalkeeper with Bologna last season and the substitute of Buffon in the Italian National team. Unfortunately last weekend Viviano was injured very badly (recovering-time around 5 months) which meant that Genoa had to look for another goalkeeper. Today Mr. Preziosi gave us a new goalkeeper: the very experienced 31 years old French goalkeeper of Fiorentina: Sebastien Frey. About this goalkeeper nobody has any doubts and he played for years with our central defender Dario Dainelli.

Genoa wins friendly but lost Omar Milanetto

Criscito, Rossi and Milanetto under Gradinata Nord after the goal of Boselli in the last minute of the derby

Today our Genoano of the year 2007-2008 Omar Milanetto left Genoa to the other team of President Preziosi: Lugano (Switzerland). After the goal in the last seconds of the derby by Mauro Boselli last 8th May several Genoa-players like Rossi, Criscito and Milanetto (see foto) went to Gradinata Nord to blame them for the song: “Il derby non si regala” (the derby is not a present). The fans thought that Genoa and Sampdoria made a deal to draw the derby, which should give an important point to Sampdoria in their struggle to stay in Serie A. Genoa-fans only had one wish: Sampdoria had to relegate to Serie B, so Genoa more than ever had to win the derby. After the goal of Boselli at 96’11” Milanetto should have screamed “Bastardi” (Basterds) to the fans in Gradinata Nord, who were furious. A few days after the derby Milanetto made excuses to the fans, but some of them did not accept this. For these fans Milanetto has made an unforgettable mistake and he has to leave the club. Today these fans got what they wanted: Omar Milanetto ends his career after 5 great season in Liguria with Lugano FC in the Serie B of Switzerland.

 The flag against Milanetto on the trainingfield in Neustift (Austria)

Tonight Omar Milanetto played his last 30 minutes with Genoa in Austria in the friendly match against Stubaital. The score at halftime was 2-0 (Kucka and Pratto) and with double scores of Ribas and Birsa in the 2nd half the match ended in a 6-0 victory of Genoa that played in the offensive 4-3-3 system.

Revolution inside the team of Genoa

Alberto Malesani and our President Enrico Preziosi

Today Genoa starts the season in Austria with our new trainer Alberto Malesani and the following 26 players, including 15 new arrivals:

Goalkeepers: Lupatelli Cristiano (1978, Bologna Fc), Scarpi Alessio (1973, Genoa), Zima Lukas (1994, Sk Slavia Praga).

Defenders: Antonelli Luca (1987, Genoa), Dainelli Dario (1979, Genoa), Granqvist Andreas (1985, Fc Groningen), Kaladze Kakhaber (1978, Genoa), Krajnc Luka (1994, Maribor), Mesto Giandomenico (1982, Genoa), Moretti Emiliano (1981, Genoa).

Midfielders: Birsa Valter (1986, Aj Auxerre), Constant Kevin (1987, Ac Chievo Verona),Jorquera Cristobal Andres (1988, Csd Colo Colo), Kucka Juraj (1987, Genoa), Merkel Alexander (1982, Ac Milan), Milanetto Omar (1975, Genoa), Rossi Marco (1978, Genoa), Seymour Felipe (1987, Club Universidad de Chile), Veloso Miguel (1986, Genoa).

Strikers: Acquafresca Robert (1987, Cagliari Calcio), Hallenius Linus (1989, Fc Lugano),Palacio Rodrigo (1982, Genoa), Pratto Lucas (1988, Cd Universidad Catolica), Ribas Sebastiàn (1988, Dijon Fco), Rudolf Gergely (1985, As Bari), Zè Eduardo Josè (1987, Santos Fc).

Lucas Pratto our new striker

Besides these 15 new players Genoa also bought Andes Escobar (Deportivo Cali, Colombia) but he now plays the World-Cup for players till 20 years. This week also Ajax-player Evander Sno was in Genova to sign a contract with our team, but he did not pass the medial tests because of his hart-problems.

The following 14 players left us this summer: Eduardo (Benfica), Perin (Padova), Chico (probably Betis Sevilla), Criscito (Zenit St. Petersburg), Konko (Lazio), Rafinha (Bayern Munich), Boakye (Sassuolo), Boselli (Wigan), Destro (Siena), Floro Flores (Udinese), Jankovic (not known yet), Jelenic (Padova), Paloschi (Milan) and Rodriguez (Bologna).

Mimmo Criscito our Genoano of the year

Playersmarket: 12 new players to Genoa

Luca Antonelli and Juraj Kucka are proud with their new shirts

Genoa was just like last summer the most active club on the transfermarket. The following transfers were made:


new: Luca Antonelli (Parma);

gone: Andrea Ranocchia (Inter), Nenad Tomovic (Lecce)


new: Abdoulay Konko (Sevillia), Juraj Kucka (Sparta Prague), Enej Jelenic (Koper);

gone: Houssine Kharja (Inter), Francesco Modesto (Parma)


new: Mauro Boselli (Wigan), Alberto Paloschi (Parma), Antonio Floro Flores (Udinese), Federico Rodriquez (Penarol);

gone: Luca Toni (Juventus), Giuseppe Sculli (Lazio), Raffaele Palladino (Parma), Gergely Rudolf (Bari)

Genoa also already bought 4 new players who arrive next summer: José Ze Eduardo (Santos), Valter Birsa (Auxerre), Francesco Acerbi (Reggina) and Dedé (Vasco da Gama)

Domenico Criscito was wanted by many teams like Milan and Inter but stayed with Genoa

Thanks Sculli; welcome Floro Flores + Konko

Giuseppe Sculli leaves us for Lazio after 4 1/2 years

This afternoon our President Mr. Enrico Preziosi gave an emotional press-conference. He admitted that he made some mistakes with the transfers last summer (Toni, Zuculini, Eduardo), but the critics of the journalists and a little part of the fans of Genoa against him and his family are too heavy at the moment. If things don’t turn into a normal situation Preziosi threathed that he will sell Genoa at the end of this season.

Mr. Preziosi at the press-conference this afternoon

At the end of the conference Preziosi officialized the departure of Giuseppe (Beppe) Sculli towards Lazio today. Our striker is immediately substituted by Antonio Floro Flores (Udinese) who already trained with Genoa this afternoon. Next Thursday also our ex-midfieldplayer Abdoulay Konko returns from Sevillia to Genoa. In the summer of 2008 Konko was sold for € 9 million to Sevillia, now after 2 1/2 years he returns with Genoa and Preziosi has to pay only € 6 million back now. Another financially good deal!

Antonio Floro Flores  Abdoulay Konko already played in the season 2007-2008 with us

Injured Boselli signs contract till summer

Mauro Boselli in het shirt of Estudiantes

With a delay of 24 hours because of his injury Genoa decided at the end to hire Mauro Boselli the rest of the season of Wigan. In July Genoa can buy the striker who won 2 times the Coppa Libertadores (South American Champions League) from which he was also topscorer with 8 goals. The price is already fixed on € 7 million. Because of the injury we have to wait till the end of the month (derby ?!) before Mauro can play his first match with Genoa. In the meanwhile Gergely Rudolf is rented to Bari for the rest of the season to have more playtime in Serie A and return more experienced next season. 

Today was also the official presentation of Luca Antonelli (Parma ) and Juraj Kucka (Sparta Prague). The Slovacchian already played yesterday with Genoa in San Siro against Inter. Antonelli is injured and can probably play at the end of January (like Boselli).

Luca Antonelli and Juraj Kucka are proud with their new shirts

Coppa: Inter-Genoa 3-2; 2 transfers failed

Housinne Kharja realizes the penalty (2-1) and brings Genoa back in the match

Tonight Genoa lost 3-2 in San Siro against Inter in the 1/8 finals of Coppa Italia. The 2 goals were scored by Kharja (penalty) and Sculli, both in the 2nd half in which Genoa played a lot better than before the break. Man of the match was Samuel Eto’o who scored twice before halftime. Our ex-defender Andrea Ranocchia should be sent off with a red card after his irregular stop of Rudolf. Besides the penalty it also should be red.

[youtube SJACRjJkSpg]

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striker Mauro Boselli arrived this afternoon at Genova-airport

Yesterday-evening it was big news everywhere in the world: Genoa bought two Argentinian strikers with the name Mauro: Boselli and Formica. Now 24 hours later both transfers failed in the last minute. Formica yesterday already left the trainingscamp of Newell’s Old Boys in Argentina and was on his way to the airport to fly to Genova when at the last minute the transfer failed because Genoa wanted to pay the transfersum after the medical test and Newell’s wanted Genoa to pay before Formica left Argentina. At the same time Genoa agreed with Wigan (Premier League, England) of hirering striker Mauro Boselli the rest of this season with an option to buy him this summer. This afternoon Boselli already arrived in Genova to have his medical test and to sign the contract to be in time to play against Udinese next Sunday. Unfortunately Boselli did not pass the medical test, so also this transfer failed at the last minute. Hopefully the new striker(s) will arrive soon, because in 4 days we play against Udinese.      

Genoa-Lazio 0-0; Luca Toni towards Juventus

 Marco Rossi is close to the first goal of Genoa in 2011, but Muslera stops him

The first match of Genoa in 2011 ended in a goalless draw, which was the most right result. Genoa started the match with Bosko Jankovic in the line-up and Kaka Kaladze to substitute Andrea Ranocchia in our defence. In the first half runner-up Lazio was the best team in the field, but Eduardo kept his goal clean. In the second half Genoa played more offensive and created the best chances, but Toni, Rossi and Kaladze missed them. On the other hand Lazio was most close to open the score when Hernanes hit the post in the 60th minute. With this result Genoa stays on the 10th place in the standings, while we played 1 match less because of the posponed derby.

Luca Toni and Genoa, it didn’t work as we all hoped for

Since President Preziosi gave Luca Toni a 3 on a base of 1 tot 10 in an interview the rumours said that our most earning player (€ 4 million a year) wanted to leave our club. Yesterday against Lazio also a part of the Genoa-supporters whistled at the moment Toni touched the ball, because they expected Toni to admit his disappointing way of playing instead of immediately saying that he would leave Genoa. Of course a President must never criticize a single player in the newspapers, but also a player must not immediately react by saying that he wants to leave the club after some critics, especially if you don’t play very good and you earn an enormous salary. Luca Toni today singed a 18 months contract with Juventus. Genoa did not even ask a transfersum, in 18 months the club saves € 6 million salary which is enough to Mr. Preziosi. The substitute probably will be the Argentinian striker Mauro Boselli of Wigan (England), the former teammate of Rodrigo Palacio with Boca Juniors.

Genoa-Lazio with Jelenic; Preziosi buys Kucka

18 years old striker Enej Jelenic in the team against Lazio

Mr. Ballardini has selected 21 players to book the first victory in 2011 tomorrowafternoon at 15.00 hours in Luigi Ferraris against runner-up Lazio. Inbetween the selection are Enjec Jelenic (Koper) and youngster Sturaro (Genoa-primavera). The complete team that is now preparing in the Sheraton-hotel to play against Lazio:

GOALKEEPERS: 1 Eduardo, 88 Perin, 73 Scarpi

DEFENDERS: 2 Chico, 3 Dainelli, 13 Kaladze, 20 Mesto, 24 Moretti, 4 Criscito

MIDFIELDERS: 11 Kharja, 77 Milanetto, 18 Rafinha, 7 Rossi, 30 Sturaro, 42 Veloso

STRIKERS: 25 Boakye, 22 Destro, 71 Jankovic, 29 Jelenic, 17 Rudolf, 9 Toni


Last night Mr. Fabrizio Preziosi has bought the strong 23 years old midfieldplayer of Sparta Prague: Juraj Kucka. The international of Slovakia played at the World-cup last summer against Italy and Holland. Rumours say that also the brother of Diego Milito: defender Gabriël Milito will arrive from Barcelona to substitute Andrea Ranocchia. 

Juraj Kucka, strong (1.86, 84 kilo’s) and talented (23 years old) midfieldplayer against Holland at World-cup